Giles Favell is an award winning Designer and Consultant, providing bespoke services to the Performing Arts - from auditorium design down to bespoke component.

'Imagination, innovation and invention....'

Giles is a Member of The Institute of Theatre Consultants

Recent clients include Glyndbourne, the RSC., JC Joel, Charcoalblue, ISP, and The Tobacco Factory

Amongs other things, I can model my designs (both for myself and Clients) for testing or other purposes. These are 1:10 models of units for the RSC, which I laser-cut from scale thicknesses of acrylic to check joints and spatial consistancy.

The Round Theatre in Lancaster very kindly sent me some photos. I was privileged to design this theatre some years ago for whilst working as Steeldeck's Principal Designer. The theatre was handed over three months and a week after initial discussions. It's delightful to say that The Theatre Company are still as pleased with their theatre after having worked it for a few years as they were when they first took it over. It appears to be a highly successful and exciting performance space, with the intimacy and practicality appreciated by company and audience alike.

The Round Theatre

In 2014 I designed the retractable (curved) orchestra risers for Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall. On the face of it reasonable simple, in reality absolutely not - as although only four tiers high, they consisted of five sets of independent retractables side by side, each motorised seperately. only a 7mm gap between units was allowed, with no floor guides (other than for the initial travel - but none available for the 'deployment'). Thus a new means of guiding and driving retractables had to be devised.....

Commissioning the Centre deck of the Philharmonic's Orchestra Risers. These are driven by a single motor, and deploy with no 'guides' with no side drift at all, and complete accuracy and positional reliability. Neither can they be 'pushed' on one side to change their course.

Commissioning the outer side decks.

Completed is the Dorfman Theatre - The National's re-furbished Cottesloe as-was.... I was commissioned to design the seats for this theatre, including the complex 'Seat Boxes' that the pit seats fold down into.
A new production version of the 'Seat Box' has also been developed for general sale, and was recently shown at the ABTT Trade Show.

video courtesy of Race Furniture


The RIBA STIRLING PRIZE! The new Everyman Theatre in Liverpoool has not only re-opened, but has been awarded the top award for architecture! Congratulations to Steve Tompkins and all involved in the project! Whilst at Charcoalblue I designed the Power Flying and associated Stage Engineering package to Stage E, together with the new innovative rolling lighting bridges which also lift out and lower to stage level when not required. Strangely, one of the things I am most pleased with are the simplest and smallest - and they are the fold-down lighting bars around the technical gallery. Held both up and down by gravity, with no hooks or catches, they are simplicity itself, and have proved extremely easy and useful in practice....
The Stage Engineering package was extremely well executed by Stage Technologies and Delstar.

The new Auditorium for the Stratford Artshouse awaiting its formal opening, with its ten mobile retractable seating units, that link together, able to form an In-The-Round auditorium.

The Tobacco Factory Theatre in Bristol has now reopened with its new auditorium designed by Giles....

The Crucible Stage