A recent Project is an exciting investment at Stratford upon Avon. Well known for the RSC, there is also a very lively Theatre and Arts life sustained by the Stratford Civic Hall. A large Octagonal auditorium provides a home for all the many other live arts that are not housed by the RST. Drama, Dance, Concerts - all perform here, and are fighting to fit in to the Civic Hall's very busy schedule.

Nic Walsh, the venue's Manager, had the imagination to realise that a major investment in retractable seating may unlock hire slots otherwise unavailable, as well as giving a much better audience experience.

My contribution has been to bring the ability of new tapered retractable units instead of the very limited parallel sided ones only available until now. This means that they can be arranged 'in-the-round' or curved for an end-stage production - physically fitting the space much better - but also creating a much warmer, more intimate auditorium, with better sightlines, and transforming the space into a genuine reconfigurable theatre, instead of merely a multipurpose hall

Capacity In-the-round is 270, and End Stage, much higher.
The Retractactable units are moved on Air Skids, fed from a remote compressor.

Completion 2013

A further feasability study was done into a gallery installation - with or without retractable seating units. While this was very popular , and may happen some time in the future - money is not available at the present time.