Now installed are sophisticated curved retractable choir riser tiers for LIVERPOOL PHILHARMONIC HALL, which have a unique drive and guide system, which should give unequalled performance. I have designed this on behalf of ISS and were installed late October 2014.
A fundamental problem that is common to all retractables is that of 'spragging' - that is the tendancy of one side advancing slingly more that the other, and thus the whole moving slightly sideways. Guides are used where possible to control this, but the result is stiffness, unreliability, positional inconsistancy. The needs of this project were so demanding, that conventional techniques were not going to be sufficient to manage the problem. Therefore a completely new approach was taken, which also resulted in a new drive method.

Royal National Theatre - Seat Design for the refurbished Cottesloe Theatre - re-named the Dorfman Theatre -
including the invention of new 'seat boxes' to enable the pit seats to store within the floor.

Royal Albert Hall - An innovative solution to the choir-riser situation - awaiting funding

English Heritage

Tobacco Factory - a complete auditorium for this popular and pivotal theatre in Bristol, with eight regularly used different auditorium configurations, improved sightlines, and 20% increased capacity.

Stratford Civic Hall - Fast turn-rounds with ten custom retractable seating units - all tapered, enababling theatre in-the-round.

Previous Consultancy Work includes:
The National Theatre's Cottesloe; The Corby Cube; Liverpool Everyman; New Marlow Theatre, Canterbury; Hippodrome, London; 400 Hall, Repton; RST Stratford, The Theatre, Shoreditch; MacOwan Theatre, LAMDA; Festival Theatre, Chichester; Theatre Royal, Newcastle-upon-Tyne;