During his time at Steeldeck, Giles invented the unique Wedgelock fixing system, in response to the complete lack of any viable solution for any discrete method of securing removable orchestra pit rails within the auditorium. This has been so successful, it is now the 'industry standard' in the UK.

Giles also invented the ground-breaking APACK retractable seating system - the first retractable system in the world to be fully proof against progressive collapse. Based on a unique nesting 'A' frame system, it gives tremendous strength and stability, without the unwanted sideways movement so often associated with retractable seating units. The first unit supplied was also curved - the first curved retractable seating system in the UK! (VIDEO COURTESY OF STEELDECK)

Subsequent straight and curved units have been supplied both to the USA and to the UK. (VIDEO COURTESY OF STEELDECK)

Giles has invented other products now in use in theatre, including BabyPack retractable studio seating (VIDEO COURTESY OF STEELDECK)

Another minor development was 'easyout' a variant of Steeldeck appropriate to Installations - one of the first being Sheffield's Crucible Theatre. This modification enables the slick removal and replacement of decks, which would otherwise bind with their neighbours, by creating metal-to-metal contact, which disengaged with the first vertical movement.

Giles' other work includes the innovative high specification demountable stage installation at Sheffield's Crucible Theatre (in collaboration with Clive Odom); the new auditorium extension - including a new concept ring beam and deck clamping arrangement supporting the stalls front, at the King's Theatre Glasgow; and the complete concept, design and installation of The Round, Lancaster, in three months from contract to handover.

One of the latest of Giles' inventions is this gas-assisted Seat-box, to store two seats within a 7.5kN/m2 floor, 870mm back-to-back, for speedy deployment (and no backache...)

Awards for the APACK retractable system:
ABTT Product of the Year Engineering/Rigging 2008
LDI Best Debuting Product Staging and Rigging 2008