Although my Profession is a very technical one, it is one that must be done with a high degree of artistry - indeed it is vital that the theatre physical, and the performance work together - controversially, not as a space where you experience the theatre - but as a space where you experience the performance......

It should be no surprise that the historical person I venerate more than almost anyone is Leonardo Da Vinci - the most gifted artist and engineer imaginable - both in their broadest definitions.

Technicality and artistry are not mutually exclusive, and are very often two sides of the same coin.

Whilst I don't get to conceptualise projects quite as much as I should like to (and I'm very grateful for those I have 'on the go' at the moment) I have another side to life - completely separated from theatre. In this life, I build models - to the scale of 1:43 (7mm to the foot) exhibit them, and also give demonstrations as to how to achieve various scenic effects.


Garratt locomotive built (in brass) and finished in 1:43 scale (7mm to 1 foot) by Giles

I also build large scale (5": 1') live steam engines. This is 'Alice' my Bagnall 0-4-2, now running at a garden centre at Pulborough, West Sussex