ENGLISH HERITAGE - Bolsover Castle

It must be fairly unusual to build an auditorium in a Castle - but that's what English Heritage wanted!

Bolsover Castle has a famous 17th Century riding School, where English Heritage wanted to put on daily live displays of period riding to their visitors. A tiered auditoium was required to seat around 120 persons, and accomodate disabled access. Being such a historic building, no fixings were allowed anywhere - and indeed, no contact - other than on the floor.

The only unusual aspect to consider was the horses. A cantering horse makes a large room suddenly very small indeed! The front rails of the auditorium I put there not so much to stop the audience from hurting themselves falling over a 30cm drop, but more to protect them from any misjudgments a horse might make in the heat of the moment. in consequence, I specified their load rating to be bi-directional.

Completed 2013