VIDEOS of Radio Controlled Projects

Here are some of the projects I have built over the last few years........
There are lots more videos under Gilesengineer on Youtube

'The End of The Line' - the first layout in the UK that really integrated radio control vehicles as part of the story. The vehicle in question was the first of its kind that had all it's mechanics and battery hidden, and was able to actually carry a payload. Things have moved on a lot since then.

A working transfer crane in 7mm scale (1:43)

A fully working Mobile Crane in 7mm (1:43)

An 0-14 (7mm scale on 14mm gauge track) steam crane working with a radio controlled Mechanical Horse

A radio controlled 1:43 scale Traction Engine under construction. This is just over 4" long.

Bedford TK Tipper (converted from Artic cab)

A small (7mm) Austin 7

1/43 scale Forklift, with 2-stage mast, tilt, and differential on drive axle

The build of a 7mm scale narrow gauge Peckett, with scratch-built chassis - Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

....and now for something smaller! The following vehicles are 4mm to the foot - 1:76 scale.

Alkinson Borderer

Landrover - a little Oxford model, converted...

How to convert a 4mm lorry to radio control