Garratt locomotive built (in brass) and finished in 1:43 scale (7mm to 1 foot) by Giles

..... By Giles

My hobby is modelling is 7mm scale - 1:43.5, and due to lack of space, any projects I make must remain small. This also means that they tend to incorporate some detail.
Along the way, I make small parts for myself, and have now decided to share those with other modellers in a very small way. If there are cottage industries - I am a chap on the street-corner selling occasional matchboxes....

Because of the very small scale of 'manufacture', and the slow process of non-industrial machines, this can never be more significant.

Where possible, I will also produce items in other scales!

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Personal Clearance.....

I'm thinning down the fleet a little, and there are three of my 7mm scale radio control vehicles for sale. All are in perfect working order, and will come with a charger. The price does not include a transmitter, though I can provide one if required (I use the Blade/E-flite DSM type, commonly available on eBay, or a programmable one for multiple vehicles) The two lorries are fitted with 700mAh batteries which will do about two days of exhibition work between charges, and the Landrover has about 400mAh which should be good for about a day. All three have working brake lights, rocking front axle and a driver. Cabs are clear of visible workings....

1. Ford Thames. This has a pedigree as it was the second vehicle I ever converted and worked on The End of The Line. Large, clear load-bed, ready to work. Based on an Ixo model with modified back end

2. BMC FG. Recently converted from a Spanish model, with new load-bed, converted to right hand drive. Never been exhibited. Drives superbly.

3. Series 1 LBW Landrover BR S&T. Wheel track narrowed to something more like, hoops to rear chassis member added. Two-wheel drive though!

Please email me for any further information.


Many components are supplied attached to their 'carrier', and simply require pricking out with a cocktail stick or similar as required


FRONT AXLE KIT for 4mm scale vehicles - as used in my radio control vehicles.
Laser-cut components to be assembled with EMA Plastic-Weld, supplied with flanged ball races and 0.8mm wire for king-pins

19mm axle (22.5mm over bearing flanges, 26mm overall) (BEDFORD TK, for instance)
21mm axle (24.5mm over bearing flanges, 28mm overall) (Atkinson Borderer, when fully recessed into hub)

7.00 each

FRONT AXLE KIT for 7mm scale vehicles - as used in my radio control vehicles.
Laser-cut components to be assembled with EMA Plastic-Weld, supplied with 2mm I.D. flanged ball races and 0.8mm wire for king-pins and 3D Printed Stub axles

Available in a variety of 'tracks'. Contact me for details.

12.00 each

Note: to get realism, and to avoid wheels from clashing with wheel-arches, bearings (and king-pins) should be recessed as far as possible into the wheel hub. See my Youtube vidoes on the subject

This shows a 7mm scale axle, rather than a 4mm type, but the principle is the same for both sizes.


DAPOL 08 (7mm) Screen Wipers and Guard Irons
The Screen wipers laser-cut are 0.5mm acrylic and come with jigs for drilling the required mounting holes

The Guard irons are a brass etch of two front and two rear

CABLE BRACKETS - LARGE or SMALL 7mm scale - Pack of 60 small, or Pack of 30 Large. laser cut Trotec (Acrylic - Black)

Commonly found on industrial buildings, and on the face of platforms to carry cables
Small are 3mm tall with 1mm dia. bend, Large are 8mm tall with 2mm dia. bends.


DOWN PIPE BRACKETS - LARGE or SMALL 7mm scale - Pack of 48 small, or Pack of 40 Large. 0.8mm laser cut Trotec (Acrylic - Black)

SMALL fit 2.38mm dia rod or tube, LARGE fit 3.2mm dia rod or tube. Use single for more modern slim type, or use two paired to represent wide cast type (as shown in photo)


For the actual guttering, I simply use umbrella ribs. Obviously not all umbrellas have the correct type of ribs, but many do - and if you can't find an old broken one, it is well worth buying a new one for the amount of guttering it supplies. The correct sort tend to be the larger type (the ribs are steel, and easily cut with a disc, and I solder brass on the end to cap them....)

GUTTER BRACKETS 7mm scale - Pack of 40, laser cut Trotec (Acrylic - Black)


To mount, drill a hole 1.2mm dia in desired location in the gutter board (not forgetting to allow for the 'fall' over the run of the gutter!) amd then insert bracket with a spot of super-glue or similar. when all brackets are mounted, glue in the gutter, also using superglue.
These brackets suit 3mm dia./ 1.5mm radius guttering - such as many umbrella struts......

CAST IRON DRAIN GRILLS 7mm scale- Pack of 6, laser cut Trotec (Acrylic - Black)


I paint mine (after priming) with Humbrol Gunmetal Metalcote, which I then polish up a bit, and add a bit of rust to taste. I fix in place with PVA and dress with sieved ash.

CAST IRON DRAIN GRILLS 4mm scale- Pack of 6, laser cut Trotec (Acrylic - Black)


Shown here in grey primer for clarity - I suggest painting (after priming) with Humbrol Gunmetal Metalcote, polish up a bit, and add a bit of rust to taste. Fix in place with PVA and dress with sieved ash or similar.

CAST IRON ROUND DRAIN COVERS 7mm scale - Pack of 2, laser cut Trotec (Acrylic - Black)


SETT EMBOSSING TOOL - ETCH for self-assembly for 7mm Scale (Brass)

Reduced to 6.90

These embossing tools have a long side for general use, a shorter side which fits in the 'four-foot', and a very short side which fits in the 'two'foot' for narrow gauge use.
the tabes are off-set, so you emboss one row, spin the tool through 180 degrees and amboss again to get a perfectly staggered impression of stone setts.
The tool works effectively in expanded foam, Das, clay, Milliput, and doubtless many other materials. The setts produced are of the longer thin type.

I always use Silver Solder to assemble these when I build them, however, other people do use soft solder. The small tabs are intended to protrude and are then filed back flush after assembly.

READY MADE SETT EMBOSSING TOOLS 4mm scale and 7mm scale versions

20 each

Like the brass version, they have three working sides, but these produce setts of a squarer type than the brass. Photos below.